Custom Projects


Built-in Refrigerator & Custom Cabinets

Built in refrigerator with custom paint grade cabinets. Pullout drawers were used to efficiently use all of the space around the refrigerator.

Bathroom Sliding Door

This is a fun bathroom door. To save space in tight quarters I designed and built a sliding door and embellished it using glass from...

Dining Table

A custom 3'x5' dining table. The top was made out of 100 year old barn wood with 6" wide steel legs. The top was finished...
Garden Deck

Garden Deck

This beautiful garden deck is an original design by Cedo Petrina. It features lights in the steps, curved gateway to highlight iron gate, and built...
Hobby Shop

Hobby Shop

This adorable 200 square foot Hobby Shop made out of new and reclaimed materials has a custom build dutch door and is a movable building....
Motorcycle Shed

Motorcycle Shed

This chaby chic custom build motorcycle shed was designed by Cedo Petrina. It is made out of 100% reclaimed materials and is movable.

Plaster Repair

This early 1900's historical home had several repairs that needed to be done including some plaster repair. Here the plaster got wet and the separated...

Courtyard Fencing

Here the family had a dog yard but needed a place for their child to play where the dogs didn't mess. A courtyard for the...

Master Bath Shower Tiling

It was time to add a little class to this master bath shower. Here we removed the one piece shower unit and replaced it with...

Concrete Counter Tops

The home owners wanted to bring their early 80's house up to date with a more contemporary feel. We thought concrete counter tops in the...

New Range and Hood

Here we had to customize the lower existing cabinets in order to put in new range. We also had to customize the upper cabinets to...
We tiled the floor first with a plank tile

Shower Remodel

This was one of the three bathrooms that was remodeled in a 1970's home. The floor was tiled with a grey plank style tile and...