Recycling Fall Leaves

fall leaves

I love the colors and smell of fall. However, trying to figure out what to do with all of the leaves falling during this time can become a bit daunting at times. The falling leaves is just part of the circle of life, they provide a lot of nutrients for the plants in the spring time when the whole process starts all over again. Below are some ideas on what you can do with those fallen leaves.


This is one of my personal favorites…leaves make great mulch. It’s free and as good—if not better—than anything you can buy, especially if you are mulching next to anything white and want to keep it that way. “One of the biggest problems with wood mulch or wood chips,” says arborist Max Burton, “is artillery fungus that fire their black spores onto buildings.” This can cause damage to vinyl and wood siding as well as harm and infect nearby plants. Avoid this problem by using leaf mulch instead.


Adding leaves along with grass, sticks, pine straw and a little soil to your compost pile will result in a high quality compost rich in nitrogen that is ideal for use in your vegetable garden or for shrub and tree plantings.

Community Recycling

If you are not a gardener or do much yard work, you should consider offering your bagged leaves to neighbors who use mulch and compost. You can also contact your local county or township to see if they will remove and compost your leaves at a municipal facility for redistribution in the community.