Winterizing Your Barn

Fall is the perfect time to start preparing your barn for the winter months. before the cold makes chores a bit grueling.

Outside the Barn

Check to make sure your barn is in good condition, look for any boards and roofing material that needs to be replaced. If you have gutters on your barn clear any debris out and make sure the down spout is properly carrying the water away from the barn.

If you use gravel in your paddocks this is a great time to freshen the area up by bringing in some more gravel. If you don’t, this is the time to remove all the manure that has built up over spring and summer to keep your paddock area from being too muddy once the rains come.

Check your fencing, look for any posts that are rotted and replace them. Fix or replace any rails or wire that may be broken or loose.

Water is incredibly important for your horse. Do a finally cleaning of your water tanks, check for any leaks. Check to make sure your water heaters are working and replace any that are not. You may also want to consider putting insulation around your water spickett to help keep it from freezing.

Inside the Barn

Move any grooming products to a heated room. Look over horse blankets for any rips and if they need to be cleaned, clean them.

Your horses will probably be spending more time in the barn so look for any nails that may be poking out in the stall and look for any loose boards. If you have stall mats pull them out to clean under them and give the mats a good cleaning.

Get your feeds and supplements organized for easy feeding and make sure they are all in containers that are rodent proof.